the team the team the team

Our rockstar team is passionate about helping our students succeed.


the team the team the team

Our rockstar team is passionate about helping our students succeed.

our team


sydney owens


Favorite Hobby: DJ-ing

Favorite Pet: My turtle Lola

Little-Known Fact: I have a blackbelt in karate

Gohar headshot

gohar melkonyan

VP of Finance

Major: Business

Favorite Movie: Safe Haven

Fun Fact: I have participated in Armenian dance since the 4th grade!

nick buccelato

VP of Logistics

Unknown Fact: I can play almost every Guitar Hero song on expert

Favorite Hobby: To make beats with my pencil in class 

Recent Feat: Just completed a 2000 piece puzzle!


stephen philippou

Assistant Director

Favorite Vacation Spot: Cyprus

Favorite Movie: The last Harry Potter

Favorite Hobby: Making iOS apps


Andrew geller

VP of Strategy

Business Advice: Stay hungry

Milk or Orange Juice: OJ all day

Favorite Quote: Wisdom should reckon on the unforeseen


Jueui Hong

VP of Recruitment

Major: Business major with Applied Statistics minor

Favorite Movie: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Fun Fact: I've been to North Korea to hike Mt. KumKang with my family before


catherine ming


VP of Student Engagement

Birthday Fact: I share mine with Jimmy Fallon

Favorite Color: I love the color yellow

Childhood Memory: When I was two I was bit by a swan named Valentine

gilbert orozco

VP of Media

Adventure: I climbed a mountain above 60,000 feet

Favorite Artist: Ben Howard

Travel Feat: I’ve been to 5 continents


charles rivkin

VP of Events 

Confession: I'm way too good at Tetris

Birthplace:  Born in Paris, but and have an english accent

Early Ambitions: I started a school newspaper when I was 8 years old


Joshua liddle

VP of Curriculum

Travel Feat: I’ve been to more than 10 different countries

Hidden Talent: I can’t whistle

Going for 1st: I compete in Super Smash Bros.


matthew CHong

VP of Marketing/Design

Top Chef: I can make a mean creme brulee

Show-Off: I can lick my elbows

Weather Opinion: I hate rain

sam rollenhagen

VP of Public Relations

Fun Fact: I was a world class gymnast until I was 10.

Vacation Spot: Maine

Favorite Artist: Outkast


Jane Wu

VP of Mentorship

Fun Fact: When I was younger, I used to make music videos on Youtube

Celeb Sighting: I met Brooke Soso (twice) and Tastyee from Orange is the New Black

Travel: I went snorkeling in Thailand this past summer


wyatt Dudgeon


Favorite Detroit Company: FLOYD Detroit

Claim to Fame: Dated a Turkish Celebrity

Weird Fact: Almost been hit by an airplane


Gitika Deshmukh


Major: Business

Random Goal: To eat at every restaurant in Ann Arbor downtown by the time I graduate

Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Celeb Couple: Selena and the Weeknd because I love both of their music


Grace Cutler


Little Known Fact: I only have one kidney

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Animal: Siamese cats



Be a part of rebuilding our proud motor city.


Be a part of rebuilding our proud motor city.

our mission

Detroit Entrepreneurship Network promotes the revival of the Motor City by providing an entrepreneurial-based education and community to local high school students so they develop the necessary skills to achieve in starting their own business.
— DEN Mission Statement

our pillars

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Take advantage of this unique opportunity.


Take advantage of this unique opportunity.

our approach

build yourself

education in action

rallying for detroit

Each time a young entrepreneur scraps an idea due to a lack of resources, confidence, know-how and connections; we as a community are worse off.

By empowering our participants with a network of business driven youths, dynamic speakers, and skill building workshops, we intend to keep that scrap-yard empty.

Our business workshops develop real world skills for real world success. Ideas will be turned into reality through meaningful collaboration and tangible projects.

We are committed to developing students and challenging them to think on the breaking edge of innovation. We expect students to come prepared to change the world.

We believe the resilient community, vibrant art scene, and dynamic startup culture is the perfect place to grow as burgeoning entrepreneurs and professionals.

While people have written off Detroit, we will show doubters that Detroit is a great and powerful place for youth to build businesses - one idea at a time.

ready to join?

or see what our students have built