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We currently offer two programs: Startup and Accelerate. Both programs are built to support our mission. By joining the Detroit Entrepreneurship Network, students will be able to participate in both programs. You'll meet life-long friends, build a strong network with potential employers, and learn how to build your own business.

Our Startup program provides you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to start your own business from scratch. Throughout our 12 workshops, students will gain knowledge on entrepreneurial and business theory and develop their presentation, interpersonal, persuasive, and analytical skills. These skills are essential for long-term professional success in academics, entrepreneurial ventures, or any chosen career path.

Our newest program, Accelerate, is for advanced students looking to commit themselves to making their business hit the big time.  You'll get to work with our talented team on a ongoing basis, receiving consulation and support on taking your awesome plan and building the real business. 

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Our Startup programs consists of three main components to help our students get the most from out of it: your ideas, your network, and your learning.



To succeed, your business must be something you're passionate about.  We center our program around your ideas. We want to give you the skills to build your fashion boutique, your high tech start-up, your taco truck - whatever it is that you'd love to build.  And no you don't need to have an idea to apply to our program, join us and we'll help you get those gears turning!



Pro-tip: You can't do it all on your own. You're going to need help from others to start your business.  Our community is full of talented, motivated peers that you'll get to know and work with.  In addition, our team will be there to support you and you'll even be assigned your own mentor for individualized attention.  From your peers to business leaders in Detroit, our network is filled with professionals who are as committed to you as they are to revitalizing Detroit.











We developed our program to help you learn effectively.  Our program consists of a series of engaging workshops comprised of team building activities, group and individual tasks, discussions, guest speakers, and field trips.

Throughout our curriculum, our students learn how to take a simple idea and turn it into a successful business and gain the confidence and resources necessary to improve their communities. Key learning points include ideation, consumer discovery, marketing, management, and pitching. Our curriculum is comprised of lessons, lectures, and activities from the Ross School of Business, Professionals in Detroit, and our own experiences.  Other components include résumé workshops for professional development and financial literacy.



Our Accelerate program is starting this year! The newest DEN members will have an opportunity to further advance their businesses by receiving one-on-one mentorship from the DEN team. More information will be available to eligible participants.

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