Getting started

Starting a business is hard. Starting a business while you’re in high school is even harder. With class, homework, sports, clubs, and all your other commitments, it’s amazing you’ve even considered starting your own business. However, that’s what makes you standout. Putting up the effort to build an idea into a business is a work-intensive, nonstop, yet invaluable experience. You’ll learn along the way determination, creativity, flexibility, innovation, perseverance, and a host of other values essential for a successful career. You’ll gain an understanding of your product and market that will put your experience years ahead of your peers and competition. Entrepreneurial skills such as leadership, communication, and collaboration are increasingly important in today’s economy. Top employers are looking for candidates with these skills. Better yet, with all these skills you can be your own employer.

That sounds great, but how do I get started?

That’s where the Detroit Entrepreneurship Network (DEN) comes in. Our Startup program is designed to help you through the startup process–taking an idea and building a business. This includes navigating all the challenges that come along with it.

How does DEN work?

I’m glad you asked! We’ve built our network to provide tailored support to each student. Since no two entrepreneurs are the same, no two entrepreneurs will have the same set of obstacles. Some students are already on the fast track with a growing business and simply want a review of their business plan. Other students don’t even have an idea yet, but know they are passionate about starting their own business. Wherever you are in your nascent entrepreneurial career, through our holistic approach, you’ll be provided with support relevant to you.

Sounds great! So, what does your network offer?

A lot. We provide the Startup program with workshops that teach the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship. You’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with mentors from our team of University of Michigan students. You’ll collaborate with your peers and have exclusive access to DEN developed content and other curated materials. Additionally, we host networking, mentorship, and educational events for all our students.

Whoa this sounds to good to be true! Wait…how much does it cost?

Our network is absolutely free to join, as well as all of our programs, events, resources, etc. As a nonprofit, we strive to make DEN accessible to as many high school students as possible.

By joining the Detroit Entrepreneurship Network, students will be eligible to enroll in Startup and attend all events. You'll meet life-long friends, build a strong network with potential employers, and learn how to build your own business.

Sound cool?

Ready to join?