Detroit Entrepreneurship Network promotes the revival of the Motor City by providing an entrepreneurial-based education and community to local high school students to support them in starting their own business.
— Detroit Entrepreneurship Network Mission Statement

Detroit has been through tough times. The automotive industry has been battered by the Great Recession and rise of international competition. As home to the auto industry, Detroit has seen thousands unemployed, urban decay, and bankruptcy. With this decline, people have written off Detroit. However, millions of people still live here and in the surrounding metropolitan area. We believe in the resilience of this community. We believe there are countless students each with the potential to do great things. We believe that the best way to help them unlock this potential is through education.

By supporting our youth, we are not only supporting their future, but the future of our entire community.

Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the economy. It powers innovation and creates real value. Through American innovation, we’ve built a prosperous nation whose citizens have seen their quality of life improve markedly. Detroit was once this cradle of innovation with the introduction of the automobile and for decades enjoyed the rewards of its growth. However, the world is constantly changing. Detroit must support its local entrepreneurs for them to continue advancing our economic growth.

Young people are full of ideas. Their fresh perspectives allow them to disrupt the existing business and tech norms. Thus, they are perfectly suited to be entrepreneurs. Our job is to support them in their entrepreneurial pursuits and prepare them with the best possible tools.

Detroit Entrepreneurship Network has developed a unique solution. By providing a community full of motivated peers, college student mentors, professionals, and educational programs to high school students at no cost, we are supporting and encouraging students to unlock their potential.

Our students are our future and will advance our world. Let’s help them.

our approach

We have designed our organization to help in three key areas: innovation, community, and education. All three are connected to each other and by addressing each in our framework, our students will achieve their best growth.

For example, our Startup program supports our students’ ideas (innovation), network (community), and learning (education).

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