Accelerate Program

Welcome to Accelerate! We're introducing this new program to help DEN students continue with their entrepreneurial ventures. We want to support and provide mentorship after you've completed our Startup program. Here's how it works:

  1. You'll fill out a questionare so we know what stage of development your business is in
  2. We'll pair your team up with a DEN mentor
  3. You'll envision where you want your business to be in one year
  4. You'll list out specific goals with deadlines over the next year
  5. Your mentor will follow up with you periodically to see how you've been keeping up and provide any assistance they can

Our program provides structured support and accountability to help you as you continue with your new business. There are no required commitments (other than agreeing to the terms of the program). You'll get out of Accelerate what you put in. We know that you are busy students and now business owners. We want to keep this program very relaxed and flexible. 

What we DO:

  • Providing you advice, tips, and information
  • Pair you up with a mentor
  • Promote your business on through our website and social media channels
  • Meet up, physically or over FaceTime/Google, on an appointment basis

What we DON'T DO:

  • Run an actual incubator
  • Provide any legal advice
  • Providing funding or any financial assistance
  • Maintain any financial stake or interest in your company

Please read, review, and understand Accelerate Terms of Use Agreement and Liability Disclaimer before joining. You must accept these Terms to participate in the Accelerate program.